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What do you want to learn today?

TrWith more than 25 years in teaching, I have analyzed, thought, meditated and reflected, reaching the conclusion that a single transversal teaching system is a true error. Each student needs to develop personal capabilities, which vary depending on the level, tastes, needs and time for their development. For this reason, I have different teaching resources to adapt uniquely and personally to you. Choose what you need and between the two of us we will advance together to learn the guitar and true and correct flamenco.

We can advance in any of the necessary subjects; technique, repertoire, compás, accompaniment to singing and dancing, concert guitar, analysis of works, harmony applied to flamenco, scales, improvisation, etc...

I will be by your side from whatever level you have, from beginner to professional. 

How can I help you?

Write to me with all your doubts, needs or proposals, I will be happy to listen to you and help you.

¡Gracias por tu mensaje!

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