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Knowledge provides security and allows you to enjoy

More than 25 years ago I began my career as a flamenco guitarist. One of the things that I have valued most about teachers is the knowledge they had, but on some occasions, they did not have the ability to transmit it in an optimal way for the student. I think we have to differentiate between teachers and performers. The two do not always go together. From my background on stages, tours, flamenco clubs, tablaos and nightly talks with colleagues and artists, I have learned to differentiate what we should know and master on a guitar level. These experiences have marked, and continue to do so, my way of teaching guitar and flamenco. A deep knowledge of the tradition, both of singing and of the history of this art, helps me discern what is and what is not important. I use this information and approach in all my classes and ebooks, with a traditional view that helps you understand the musical structures to be able to develop the necessary skills to play the flamenco guitar, to later be able to adapt in time and form to our current era. Past, present and future must coexist in this art where origins do not have to be in conflict with evolution. 

Carlos Orgaz

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