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Carlos Orgaz

carlos orgaz flamenco guitar

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Experience in flamenco pedagogy

Stage, teaching

More than 25 years of experience support this professional career, guitarist on national and international tours with top-level artists. Extensive experience in singing and dancing accompaniment. Author of teaching methods on flamenco. Studious and passionate about the world of flamenco research. And of course, he is an active guitarist aware of the latest trends in the musical and flamenco field.

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Toda la oferta didáctica para que desarrolles mediante ebooks las distintas áreas pedagógicas que necesites.



You will obtain a complete study plan, covering all pedagogical areas; beat, technique, repertoire, falsetas, harmony, scales, accompaniment to singing and dancing...

In different formats, maximum adaptability and guaranteed results.



Didactic audios to be able to practice in real time and develop your qualities, available for purchase or streaming on all platforms.

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